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Noah's Ark is the place to store all of your personal or business belongings

Lee's Ford Car Storage

Lee's Ford is state of the art, with automatic roll up doors. Pull up to your bay, open the door from your phone with an app, and back your RV right in. location has 2 options of sizes - 14' x 40' with 14' tall doors and a 14'x 36' bay with 14' doors.

Lee's Ford Marina is just a mile away!
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Conley Bottom Car Storage

Conley Bottom is just a hop and a skip away from Conley Bottom Resort on Lake Cumberland. Conley Bottom offers 4 sizes of units. With 14' x 40', 16' x 50', 14' x 50', 14' x 80' Pull through units, we have something to fit your car or RV.
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27 North Car Storage

27 North is a hidden gem! It is located just North of Somerset on Hwy 27. You can store your car for when you want to make your way into Somerset. This location offers high definition security system, electric gated entry, and is well lit to ensure security. Each bay has electric on the inside of the bay for 30 minutes of lights and electrical plugs to insure you are ready when you get to your location!
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Super Service Car Storage

Super Service is located right off of 914 in Somerset. It is conveniently located between Somerset and Burnside. With a wide range of bay sizes this facility is the perfect location to store your personal household items, cars. Bay sizes include 5' x 10', 10' x 10', 10' x 15'
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E. Mt. Vernon Car Storage

E. Mt. Vernon is in the heart of Somerset. With all of your storage needs being met with the multiple sizes bays available 6' x 12', 12' x 12', and 12' x 24' . This facility offers concrete floors, roll up doors, gated entry access. Bays have electric 30 minute timers. The high definition cameras and lights make this a secure location to store your cars.
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Oak Hill

Oak Hill is in a great location. This facility is well lit and offers concrete bays, large turn around area, and 24/7 security. This facility is great for storage of your Cars and/or RVs.

Bay sizes include 6' x 12', 8' x 12', 12' x 12', 12' x 24', 12' x 36', 14' x 42'.

This unit is super close to Lake Cumberland and has boat storage as well.
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When moving from Somerset to another part of Kentucky or out of state, you may not want to take all your belongings. However, even if you are not moving, there might be a need to get a self storage space. A self storage service allows you to rent a space for a flexible period.

At Noah’s Ark Storage, we offer the best self storage facilities in the Greater Lake Cumberland area. So contact us today if you need to store your belongings in a clean and secure facility.

Who Needs a Self Storage Facility

A self storage unit is not for everyone. Below are the class of people who need this type of storage space:

  • People Getting Ready for a Move: Again, if you are moving within Somerset, outside the city or state, you might need storage space. This is more so if you sell your current home and need to declutter it. Getting a self storage unit allows you to temporarily store your belongings while you decide what your new home needs and what it doesn't.
  • College Students: Students going home during summer break sometimes need a place to store their belongings. A self storage unit allows them to do this without the stress of moving their belongings home and bringing them back at the beginning of the new school year.
  • People Remodeling Their Home: Home remodeling will likely leave your home messy, and your valuables might get destroyed, especially if there is a lot of carpentry work. During this time, you can store your belongings in a self storage unit and get them out after the remodeling ends.

What Quality Should a Self Storage Facility Have?

Your belongings are special to you, with some having sentimental meanings. So you cannot store them anywhere; you must do so in a storage facility you can trust. Therefore, ensure the self storage facility has the following qualities:

  • Security: A secured storage is one of the essential things to note when looking for a self storage space. Ensure the storage facility is properly protected with CCTV and on-site security guards. This way, you know that your belongings will not easily get stolen or destroyed, and you have peace of mind.
  • Multiple Size Options: The size of your belongings differs from that of another. Therefore, good self storage facilities have different unit sizes to accommodate their clients.
  • Cleanliness and Pest-Free: Critters and rodents can damage your property if the self storage unit is filled with them. Therefore, verify that the storage unit is pest-free. It should also be clean, as dust buildup will affect your belongings and is a sign of termite infestation.

Trust Noah's Ark Storage With Your Belongings

We provide the best storage facilities in Somerset and its environs at Noah's Ark Storage. Our self storage units are clean, easy to access, and affordable. Also, we automate our services, making registering and booking storage space easy. Contact us today for more information on our self storage units.

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